Do I Really need a Smart Watch?

One of the first questions everybody who ever considered buying a smart watch asked themselves is: Do I really need a smart watch? As a matter of fact, almost everybody has a watch, that they can use to tell what time it is. And phones do that too! So why adding another piece of hardware to the pack?

There are some downsides to it: you have to pair it with your phone if you expect it to work, you have to charge yet another gadget every night, and you have to spend probably more than what you’d spend on the average wrist watch to give you the time.

But that´s not the only thing a smart watch will do for you. Let’s consider the main features and benefits of a smart watch, and how you may use it to improve your life style.

The summary of the main benefits is shown on the table below:

Main benefits:

1) Health monitoring:

Most smart watches provide very convenient functions such as heart rate sensors, pedometers, sleep monitors, etc that provide the possibility to keep track of your health.

Some functions as workout reminders help you keep on track with your fitness schedule, while there are many apps you may download and integrate (such as MyFitnessPal) to monitor your activities and find out which areas you can improve on.

If you want to know more about the best watches for health monitoring, check out our article by clicking here.

2) Easy access to your music

Another important point some smartwatches provide is the possibility to listen to your favorite music through your smartwatch, just connecting to a pair of Bluetooth earphones. That way, you avoid the need to carry your phone with you while you jog, which is quite a bothering article to run with.

Controls for volume, pause and track changing are also easily accessible from any smartwatch,  

3) Focus and productivity

Smart watches allow you to be aware of your message notifications and reminders without constantly watching at your phone screen.

Believe it or not, that may help reduce phone addiction, and also increase your productivity by not taking your eyes off what you’re doing constantly to look at your phone.

4) Avoid being an a$$#ole at meetings

Let’s face the truth: whenever we’re at a meeting, encounter, or whatever you call it, when someone starts staring at their phones is plainly rude. You notice he or she is not paying attention to you. And regrettably, that’s something that all of us do nowadays.

A smartwatch may allow you to quickly check at the notifications of your messages by subtly watching at your watch screen. That way, you’re in contact with your important messages, but are more present in your interpersonal daily activities.

5) Make your phone’s battery last longer

Of course, if by the use of your smartwatch you don’t use your phone screen as much as you do without it (as we explained in all the previous points) you will go easier on your phone’s battery, making it last longer through the day.

6) Customization

With your smartwatch, you may customize the face of your watch with just some touches. You may change colors, and completely change the style of your watch, from some needles like tile to more digital looks. When you start using that, it’s fun and you start changing it according your outfit or the type of event you’re attending.

Yes, I know you may live without this, seems to be a kind of superfluous issue, but it’s a fun one. And our gadgets are also for fun, arent’t they?

7) Stylish looks

More and more, smartwatches styles have been improving from being odd plastic boxes you had to hide on your wrist to become fashionable pieces to wear as many fancy watches.

Moreover, brands such as Tag Heuer, Breitling, Michael Kors or even Apple with their Hermes version offer lines of premium smart watches, which become then luxury accessories. 

Brands such as Samsung or Huawei offer options that are far off from the plastic and rubber watches that may come to your mind when you think about smartwatches.

Our Veredict

If you’re planning on buying a smartwatch, consider which of these benefits is the one you seek the most, and look for the best alternatives according to your needs. As an example, maybe a great smartwatch for health monitoring may not be the most stylish, and viceversa.

Consider what do you want the most at the time of making your purchase, and enjoy the  benefits we mentioned that a smartwatch can bring into your life.

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